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Badminton Euro 2002

13. - 20. april, Baltiska Hallen, Malmö, Sweden

Finals are complete. The 2002 champions are:
  • Men's Singles: Peter Rasmussen, Denmark
  • Ladies' Singles: Jie Yao, Netherlands
  • Men's Doubles: Jens Eriksen/Martin Lundgaard, Denmark
  • Ladies' Doubles: Jane Bramsen/Ann-Lou Jørgensen, Denmark
  • Mixed Doubles: Jens Eriksen/Mette Schjoldager, Denmark
Quite a surprise win for Peter Rasmussen, the 1997 world champion, who started the road back to the top 3 months ago after years of injuries.

Team Event (13. - 16. april)

The Game

News and updates


De famous players - and the others.



The Event and Surroundings

In the Media

Other views about this event. WBO is short for WorldBadminton Online. All the WBO stories Euro 2002 is here.

Behind the Scene

Reports from the Hall Ways.

The Venue

Baltiska Hallen, Malmö, Sweden - A venue with great badminton history. It is the venue for the first World Championship in 1977, as told by Raphael Sachetat in this article from World Badminton Online. [The article fails to mention, that the poster background in the pictures are from a special exibition by "Idrötsmuseet", at sports museum situated in the north area of Baltiska Hallen.]

The City and the Area

People and places.

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